Kayak Fire and/or Mirror Lakes


We love to load up the boats and go kayaking.  Especially if it is one of the few 69°F days of the year (woohoo!  We got two this year!).  Northern living–smile.


Fire Lake at the edge of Eagle River is fun because it is so close, we are pretty much guaranteed to see a float plane land or take off near us, there is an island to run around on (or rope swing off of) and some pretty little grass mounds the kids like to dodge around.


These kid kayaks that we picked up at an end-of-season sale at Costco are convenient because they can hold a few kids.  Apparently sitting is optional.


Mirror Lake is more impressive because of Bear Mountain looming over, watching the lake teem with sun hungry Alaskans.  We are like mosquitos drawn to the sweet smell of blood.  Thanks for the simile.  We usually try to carve a spot out for our family near the boat launch as avoiding the main ‘beach’ (hard packed mud) keeps the kids in the water and out of the line for the swing sets.  Ah, summer.

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