Kid Friendly Rafting: Eagle River, AK


I know I am highlighting the kid friendly adventures we go on as a family.  But let’s be honest:  having kids, especially babies, does limit what and where you go.  Backpacking is absolutely possible.  Bike treks with a trailer, depending on the age of the infant: possible.  Camping, check.  Well, here’s another–rafting!


First, meet some good friends who are willing to add your four kids to their two kid mix and have a big, red raft.  Probably the more responsible way to get around this first step is to just rent your own raft guide!  That would be a bit less strain on a friendship…


Second:  Bring along your canoe and put a kid or two to work.


Make sure the kids get to help decide which gravel bar to camp on.  They love being able to gauge the potential fun meter in the time it takes for the river to wind around the bend.  This makes for some delightedly heightened discussion.


Explore!  This is your adventure.  Identify tracks, birds, scat, plants.  That is probably one of the best ways we engage our kids in investigating nature.  They often notice so much more than us.


And sing a lot of songs, all river home.  Did I mention the strain on friendship?  I had unfortunately taught the kids the ‘Song that Never Ends’ a few weeks prior as a prank for my husband during a long car ride.  As most of the pranks I pass down to the kids do, it backfired.  He was in the canoe the whole time.

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