Nancy Lake Cabin

When a good friend came for a visit and offered to rent a cabin at Nancy Lake Recreation Area, we excitedly agreed.  Fall and winter cabin stays are the best.  Warm clothes, freezing air, clear days, hot chocolate, toasty fires and cold mornings with only the embers left smoldering.


We decided it wasn’t a lake stay unless at least some of us boated over.  So with a kayak and a canoe, three of the group brought over most of the gear and firewood while the remaining four of us hiked in with packs.


The boats turned out to be a wonderful idea, for while there is always adventure to be found in the discoveries within any wood,


(And they follow like sheep…)


The draw of water on the human soul is undeniable.


And the effort of making the trip more complicated by adding another venue by which to engage with the world around us is, I have found,


really, always worth it.


Happily, it got quite cold.  Unhappily we underestimated the supply of wood we would need to keep the larger cabin warm.


So we logically, okay, well at least it was in the spirit of adventure, a few of us took a dip.


The next morning those that paddled in, paddled out.  Those that hiked, legged it back.  When we picked up the boats on the other side, we discovered my husband ‘gunning’ the canoe to get over the ice forming against the shore.


It was an absolutely superb adventure.



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