Autumn Descends to the Valley Floor


We went for a walk in the hills to discover blueberries and found them by their red, red leaves.


Arctic Valley is well-known for its berry feast.  The hike to the end of the saddle elicits incredible views.  We didn’t venture so far as we were waylaid by the berries.  When you wait until the leaves turn red though, you do miss the bucketfuls that we usually freeze in gallon bags for the winter pancakes, muffins, addition to cereals and smoothies.


Nothing beats tearing around the tundra–it really is one of nature’s best gyms as your landings are always spongy.

The next day we decided to go for a walk down in the autumn filled woods.


The new mountain biking trails out at Mirror Lake are so fun!  A few of our friends helped with this project and we are excited to try them out this summer.  My husband has taken the fat tire bike out this winter and has nothing but good words.


It was a great spontaneous, before dinner evening.


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