Crescent Crescendo

Hurray for trust and strong little legs!  For topo maps, ranger reports, and good friends in willingness to adventure.IMG_8419You start Crescent Creek Trail weaving among the trees and mountain bikers,IMG_8450some of who leave a wake of dead baby chicks, surprised by the appearance and speed of these two-wheeled travelers.  The kids held a short funeral service.IMG_8427There are a few spots that demanded a quick safety talk with the kids.  But!  We got to see the most amazing white water mother duck and chicks rafting across the rapids (they’re not in the picture!).IMG_8443The climb is not too steep but it builds, lulls, builds and then—IMG_8440

CYMBAL CRASH!!!  You step into the meadows.IMG_8456Steeped in lush greenery and snow speckled peaks, this is truly a varied saunter.IMG_8461Still below treeline, the wood wind whistles through the bough strings, and plays to the drumming of your heart.

Just as the kids were wondering a question so unique, creative and utterly uncommon that we halted in astonishment to give it our full, heady attention:


“How much farther?”


IMG_8477We were saved by a float plane, which loaded us all up, flew us to the campsite and let us rest our weary legs.IMG_8479Would have been nice right?  When you’ve been annoyed by that question for the past mile and are actually hungry too, wondering if you really did give your kids the last of the daily allotment of jerky while realizing that they didn’t even appreciate it and you really, really, really would have.  But as the float planes began zipping by, the brain cloud lifted and we yelped, realizing the lake must be close!  It was closer than we expected.IMG_8552The rains had produced some flooding, but everyone had fun balancing over the teeter-tottered ladder with our large backpacks.IMG_8486And we did set up camp after all.IMG_8557It rained the second day at camp, so we decided to raftIMG_8574and swim,IMG_8506And the next day we woke to placid waters.IMG_8546There are two good campsites when you branch to the left after the bridge, past the cabin.  One is before the box toilet and the other is after.  We claimed the first as it is much more open and had more potential sites.  The second is under the trees, but closer to the toilet.IMG_8638There were float planes to be hailed,IMG_8650and float planes to be cheered,IMG_8702and float planes to be watched studiously.  Seriously, Crescent Lake draws mountain bikers and float pilots like honey to bees…or bees to honey, regardless, the kids went running every time we heard the hum from the wing section.IMG_8662We hiked back across the river and around the corner to check out the camping on the other side of the lake.IMG_8668The spot was farther from shore and for some reason the bugs were atrocious.  But the view was still lovely, and IMG_8676there is a bear box.IMG_8685With rafting and swimming,IMG_8682 and hammocking and climbing, IMG_8688 and eating and eating there is always so much to do in the woods.IMG_8686Around midnight.


IMG_8724And after two nights, we rolled out past the flooded creek, IMG_8732through the symphonic meadows,IMG_8744across the throbbing river (she’s not mine),IMG_8766dipped into those woods spaced by nodding wildflowers (metronome and sundial in one)

made a new friend, Chacolita,IMG_8770had another safety talk in which some eyeballs might have rolled and subsequently been yelled, ahem, talked sternly to, about possible, dire circumstances (not mine again, of course).IMG_8782and back down, weaving through the trees.  IMG_8720Symphony of summer, crescendo me to Crescent one more time please?

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