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I hesitated creating a blog that would be available to the world at large (you, reader!) because although I believe every life is a story worth telling, I think generally, only the extraordinary ones merit the time it takes for us to follow, read and be inspired by.  After all, our own stories are hopefully taking up most of our lives!  And we are an ordinary, run of the mill, one of the millions, family.  We live in a suburb of Anchorage, Alaska.  We have four children.  A dog. Two cats.

And yet… I want to document some of our wilderness adventures we have as a family rather than having piles of digital photos stored by years.  Lost, unsearchable memories.  Hopefully it will help me be a bit more intentional about our time spent together.  Our life so far has been an adventure.  One big, ongoing, unfinished adventure.

I would also love to find and share with a like-minded community, places and ideas that are family friendly.  For us, that will be mainly in Alaska and a few western states.  We do have hopes of traveling more in the future.

I’ll be honest, 


Courtesy of Dan Redfield

I’m excited to tell our story.

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