A Walk Last October

The children took us for  an October walk in the woods I was supposed to talk about the food chain but became distracted  to fixation on the decomposers  Which do their work quietly, obedient and consuming.  But why is it done in such colors that accessorize the forest in bright tones?  It is not done shyly, but celebratory. This blatant stalking in the footsteps of... Continue Reading →

Summer Shade

The vibrance of summer is paling, its sunlit greens draining with the chlorophyll as these northern latitudes shy from the sun. And with it bleed the memories of our escapades, words and images tangled on my desk, tiptoeing through my late night thoughts before I anxiously turn, leaving them yet again, to a colder tomorrow.... Continue Reading →

Intrepid Intertidal

I kept one eye on the sea, as it sinuously stroked the rocky shores, kelp slowly fanning with each pulsating lap.  Tentatively, reluctantly, the water’s liquid reach slipped further and further down the pier posts as it was dragged away from us and toward the moon’s swaggering presence.   Barnacles closed up, their grasping, feathered fingers still... Continue Reading →

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