Above the Clouds

"Three hundred thousand people have no idea it's sunny today," my child's ski coach says to me this past weekend while we eat lunch in between runs. We're up at Arctic Valley, a small, local ski hill located just outside Anchorage on military property. Unlike Hillberg though, Arctic Valley is not on JBER base, so... Continue Reading →

Armchair Alaska

Ahhhhh! I have neglected writing for the holiday months and now am nose to nose with New Year's resolutions, one of which includes my tendencies towards consistency and my writing becoming better friends. I will back date these so they are placed in their season. And I will do better (I say each January...) Exploring... Continue Reading →

Crescent Crescendo

Hurray for trust and strong little legs!  For topo maps, ranger reports, and good friends in willingness to adventure.You start Crescent Creek Trail weaving among the trees and mountain bikers,some of who leave a wake of dead baby chicks, surprised by the appearance and speed of these two-wheeled travelers.  The kids held a short funeral... Continue Reading →

Summer Symphony

A cacophony.  That is what spring in Alaska is to me.  The jarring sights and sounds of snow and ice entropically disintegrating into slush and mud while the browned, defeated plant life struggles for breath.  Until this very post, that is what all my moaning these past months has been about. BUT!  I have decided... Continue Reading →

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